secretly important began as secretly, i’m an important man a blog at www.secretlyimportant.blogspot.com in December of 2010 (you can still go there to read my continuing personal account of three years in los angeles).  Its original name was secretly, i’m an important man, and the original mission was to retell the story of my three years spent in los angeles. Eventually I mixed in other posts concerning my experiences in both real life and on the internet.

By March 2011 I was generating five posts a week that ranged from music reviews to my three years surviving los angeles and daily conundrums.  I was quickly realizing that If I was to keep up my level of contribution I would need some help.  So I enlisted my wife Jaime to write weekly for the blog and we shortened the name of the blog to just secretly important.  Then in May we added our third contributor Jeanne.

We moved from blogspot to wordpress in May of 2011 where the focus of the blog changed to art + community + callings + interviews.


what does secretly important mean?

Imagine there is a band you love, a book you read, a restaurant you frequent, or an opinion you have on a current event.  You may not think of these as important but here, they are.  They are secretly important.


how are we different from any other blog that covers these topics?

art + community + callings + interviews

What makes us different from your standard blog that reviews and informs on community events and people, is that each post is written from the contributors distinct point of view.  How they effect the writer, how the writer relates to them, what they mean to the writer.

art: all things art, music, dance, theater, books, movies, television, comedy etc.

community: covers events, restaurants, shows, sights, gardening, shopping, politics, sports etc.

callings: articles concerning the struggle to reach the point in your life where you can earn a living doing what you’re passionate about.

interviews: interviews with secretly important people.

in addition to these four categories we also have two other categories

contributor secrets: these posts can cover any topic that just couldn’t be categorized.  These are from an even more personal point of view.  You will find a section for each contributor.

garden project: this is a special on going project that was begun in April of 2011 when I planted a garden.  Its progress will be documented here.

you can contact me with any questions here: secretlyimportant@gmail.com


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