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It is pure coincidence that while this week was the final launch of the space shuttle it is the first official week for our website  That’s right we’ve moved once again but this move is for good.  Thanks in part to a very generous loan from the William Lee and Susan G. Worthy Foundation we were able to buy the domain.

It has been eight months since I began writing for my little blog over at blogspot.  In that very brief amount of time we’ve changed names, changed directions, and added four contributors.  While I’m proud at how far we’ve come, I’m really looking forward to the future.

I have much in store for the coming months.

-to kick off the website launch we will be holding a contest to win a pair of Toms shoes.  To enter all you need to do is subscribe by email to the website.  I’ll have more details on the contest in the coming days but go ahead and get yourself entered.

-Podcasts.  Look for podcasts coming soon.

-interviews with secretly important people.

While we’ve got some excellent contributors Eric Stolze, Jane Whitty, Jaime Navarro, and Jeanne Smith.  We are working on adding a few more.  This website is based around the personal stories and beliefs of the contributors without them none of it is possible.

With all that said head on over to the site, subscribe, “like” us on facebook.  Tell your friends, recommend us to everyone you know.  Be apart of the next big thing.

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