not easy getting green

infant basil

This would be a great title for a blog about money, I’ve decided to waste it on a post about my garden.  The picture at the top of the blog is the beginnings of a basil plant, the seeds were planted the day I posted how does your garden grow?

My first foray into growing herbs from seeds was an absolute failure.  I planted basil, rosemary, and chives.  For weeks the pots sat empty, just these barren dirt wastelands.  I was so perplexed by the lack of growth that I left the empty pots outside for months just incase they were taking an especially long time to grow.

I thought I’d done everything properly, I tended to them daily, supplied them with plenty of water and copious amounts of LA sun.  In the end the seeds yielded nothing and I eventually used the dirt in the pots for a lemon tree which never grew any lemons.

As I planted these basil seeds I was filled with skepticism and expected that after a month without so much as a sprout I would go to the PCC and buy those basil starters I’d seen in the produce section.  I would quietly pant them and let people believe that I’d grown them myself.

You can see there was no need, amazingly the seeds have sprouted and now I have what hopefully will be a beautiful basil plant.  Of course that all hinges on me not murdering these fragile sprouts in their most formative years.

three kinds of lettuce I planted.

Concerning the rest of my garden; I’ve  managed to plant some starter strawberries supplied by my guru, as well as rosemary, and chives which are currently growing like green hair from an elephant shaped planter.  On what might have been the sunniest day we’ve had all year I panted three varieties of lettuce in one of the long planter boxes.  Despite my minor success with the basil I remain skeptical about the possibilities of the lettuce ending up in a summer salad and even more skeptical that that salad will include carrots, radishes or any of the other vegetables I plan on planting.

I still have much to do in my tiny garden, but as long as the dozens of other distractions don’t tear me away, I expect to finish planting everything by the weekend, and begin to wait.  Waiting for the green.

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